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David Murphy talks to Steven van Zanen, co-founder and head of product management & marketing at start-up BroadForward about the company’s attempts to solve the problem of fragmentation in the signalling market.

You can listen to the interview below, or download it as a podcast by clicking here.

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Facebook Adds OS Version and Wi-fi Targeting to App Installs Ads

Facebook has updated ts News Feed app install ads so advertisers can target specific versions of Android or iOS to ensure optimum compatibility when getting users to download a new app.

Advertisers can now also target only those people who are using Facebook on wi-fi, which Facebook says may indicate the person has more time to perform the install or could benefit those apps that require significant data use.

O2 launched its Tracks app with a three-day mobile Facebook campaign last month and reached number 6 in the App Store and 9m people using install ads.

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Mobile Retail Awards – Deadline Extended

[img_assist|nid=24279|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=150|height=78]The deadline to enter the Mobile Retail Awards has been extended by one week. The new and final deadline is 5pm UK time, Friday 5 April. The Mobile Retail Awards Ceremony will take place immediately after the Mobile Retail Summit on 24 April.

There are 10 categories, some aimed directly at retailers, others, such as the Best Mobile Advertising Campaign and Best Mobile Couponing Campaign, are more likely to come from the expert partners they work with in these areas. In fact, we welcome joint entries from retailers and their mobile marketing partners in all categories.

The Awards have been created to recognise excellence in mobile marketing in the retail community. Entry is free, and as an added incentive to enter, every entry we receive will go into a draw to receive two free tickets to the Mobile Retail Summit and the Mobile Retail Awards Ceremony. Each pair of tickets is worth £500. We have 10 pairs of tickets to give away.

The Awards presentation will take place in the Novello restaurant at the Grange St. Paul’s from 6pm onwards on 24 April, immediately after the Summit itself. The deadline for entries is Friday 5 April. If you’re a retailer or an agency and would like to submit an entry, click here to download the Entry Form.

Here’s a summary of the categories:

  • Best mCommerce Site
  • Best Smartphone App
  • Best Tablet App
  • Best In-store Experience
  • Best Mobile CRM Campaign
  • Best Mobile Advertising Campaign
  • Best Mobile Affiliate Campaign
  • Best Mobile Couponing Campaign
  • Best Mobile Traffic-driving Campaign
  • Outstanding Commitment to Mobile Award

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BMW Announces iOS App Integration with Audible, Glympse, Rhapsody and TuneIn

BMW owners will now be able to download and voice-control audio book content from Audible, share their car’s current location and ETA using Glympse and control the Rhapsody subscription music service or TuneIn internet radio using in-car controls.

Integrated with BMW’s iDrive in-car screen, this is the first time a visualisation of the app has been made available in a vehicle’s infotainment system. Audible’s Whispersync for Voice technology will ensure BMW owners can switch between reading a book on their Kindle at home and listening to the companion audiobook in the car without losing their place.

With Glympse, drivers willbe able to use the car’s controls to share their location and arrival time while en route without the dangers of picking up their phone.

The BMW Apps integration with iPhone is available in models made in 2011 and later.

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EE in 50 More Towns and Cities – but are People Buying it?

People in Barnsley, Chorley and Slough will have woken up this morning with a sense of new beginnings as EE’s 4G went live across these and 47 other UK towns and cities.

The company says that half of the population can now access 4G service and by the end of June, it has committed to reaching another 30 new places. By next, EE has said it is aiming to reach 98 per cent of people.

A spokesperson declined to tell us how many people are already using 4G as the information is ‘commercially sensitive’ but they did tell us that their user base is growing by10 per cent each week.

The Samsung S4 with 4G capability is also now available to pre-order in the UK on  EE and has some freebies thrown in for people who take the plunge before 26 April.

Plans start from £31 per month but a ‘launch deal’ for the handset, which includes a £79.99 upgrade cost and £41 a month on a 24 month plan comes with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of mobile data a month. The Galaxy S4 will also be available 4G-ready on Orange and T-Mobile plans.


New 4G towns and citiies:  Amersham, Barnsley, Belfast, Bingley, Birmingham, Bolton, Bradford , Bristol, Cardiff, Chelmsford, Chorley, Coventry, Derby, Doncaster, Dudley, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Lichfield, Liverpool, London, Loughborough, Luton, Maidenhead, Manchester, Newbury, Newcastle, Newport, Nottingham, Preston, Reading, Rotherham, Sheffield, Shipley, Slough, Southampton, Southend-on-Sea, St Albans, Stockport, Sunderland, Sutton Coldfield, Telford, Walsall, Watford, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton.

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The Rise of India as an App Superpower

Just 11 per cent of the mobile app audience in India is women, according to an infographic created by the vserv ad netwok, with 52 per cent of app users aged 18-24 and a further 29 per cent aged 25-35.

The study highlights the huge mobile advertising opporunity in the country,   offering the largest number of downloads across several Android stores, including GetJar and SlideMe, along with the Nokia store. Indians are also the third largest group using Google Play.

India has the second largest Android developer community in the world. The majority of apps are free and developers make money through advertising

A GB of data costs less than $1 in the country and there are more than 100 handsets priced under $100.

For more insights on app consumer behaviour in India click here.

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BlackBerry Revenue Drops $1.5bn – but Company Returns A Profit

BlackBerry has revealed its full year results and despite a drop in revenues of more than $1.5bn (£992m) from Q4 2011 to Q4 2012, the company has returned to profit.

Revenue dropped by 36 per cent during 2012, from $4.2bn to $2.7bn, but net income for the quarter was $98m, compared to a net loss of $125m at the same time a year earlier. BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins, said the company has achieved a lower cost base, creating a more efficient supply chain and improving hardware margins. 

BlackBerry sold 6m smartphones in the quarter –  1m were its flagship Z10 devices running its BB10 operating system –  and approximately 370,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. Apple sold 47.8m iPhones and 22.9m iPads in the quarter it reported. The company now has 76m subscribers, a loss of 3m existing customers. Blackberry has said it will increase its marketing budget by 50 per cent in the next quarter. 

“As we go into our new fiscal year, we are excited with the opportunities for the BlackBerry 10 platform, and the commitments we are seeing from our global developers and partners. We have built an engine that is able to drive improved financial performance at lower volumes, which should allow us to generate additional benefits from higher volumes in the future.”

Mike Lazaridis, who co-founded BlackBerry nearly 30 years ago and served as co-CEO of the company until last year, is retiring as vice chair of the board. He is credited with inventing the BlackBerry and is considered one of Canada’s greatest innovators.

Chief telecom analyst at Ovum, Jan Dawson, said this isn’t all bad news. “Even though many observers will see this quarter’s performance as a referendum on BlackBerry 10, they should instead wait for the next quarter’s results, which will be a much better indicator of the long-term success or failure of the platform,” he said.

“The device was only on sale for about a month before the end of the quarter, and critically didn’t launch in the US until several weeks later. Secondly, the Q10, which has the classic BlackBerry hardware keyboard, won’t go on sale for some time still, so many of the prime candidates for buying a BlackBerry 10 device will be waiting for that. Lastly, devices have been supply constrained in the markets where they have launched, meaning that even if people wanted to buy them they haven’t necessarily been able to do so.”

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45 Per Cent of Brits Would Pay to Develop their App Idea

Bouyed by the recent sale of the Summly app designed by a young Londoner, 45 per cent of people said they have an idea for an app and would hire a programmer to get it designed.

But the survey of 2000 people in the UK also found that 25 per cent of people were put off because they thought they would have to write the programme themselves., which conducted the survey, has already seen a 100 per cent increase in people hiring developers to build their app over the last 12 months, with many Britons outsourcing to places like India to get the work done.

“We’ve seen a record increase over the last 12 months of British people hiring programmers to help them develop their apps. App development is no longer the preserve of the geek, now everyone can do it,” he said. Well.

Well. Now everyone can pay their very own geek to do it for them.

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CitySprint Launches Parcel Delivery App

CitySprint has become the first courier service in the UK to launch a same day delivery booking and live GPS tracking app.

The MyCourier iOS app enables any credit card user, as well as CitySprint account holders, to manage same day deliveries in real time. The app makes repeated deliveries more easy by securely saving payment details, favourite addresses and a default collection point. The company says the apps is coming to Android and Blackberry soon.

Patrick Gallagher, chief executive of CitySprint, said: “As we all look to technology to make our lives even easier, at home and in the office, creating an app which allows people to access the UK’s largest same day courier network, was a no brainer for CitySprint. It’s a really exciting industry development and we look forward to delivering our first app jobs.”

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Bango Passes 100 Operator Connections Mark

Bango now has 100 mobile operator relationships in 47 countries worldwide, enabling more than 1bn people to pay for apps and virtual goods direct to their mobile phone bill.

The company’s 100th connection was made in Columbia, enabling Telefónica subscribers to make payments in BlackBerry World without needing cards or a pre-registered account.

The company calls mobile billing a ‘rare ace card’ for operators, which have watched the app economy create a world of commerce over the top of their networks. Bango said it expects much of its future growth to be generated in emerging markets where a user’s operator connection may be the only credit relationship in place.

“There is unprecedented energy now behind operator billing, as we unlock the win/win of frictionless payment flows and improved conversion rates,” said Bango VP of operations Karen Oakley. “Much of my team’s focus is now on emerging markets, and we’re working hard to connect operators across Latin America, India and other parts of Asia.”

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