Orange Launches Yumo and Hiro Smartphones

Orange is launching two smartphones, the Orange Yumo and Hiro, which it says come in response to impressive sales of its other own-brand handsets in European markets.

The Orange Nivo was the best-selling smartphone in Romania over the summer, which it says helped push a jump in smartphone penetration in the country, and in Spain its Daytona handset outsold any other smartphone in Orange stores by a margin of 50 per cent. 

The 5” Yumo is 4G-compatible, running Android Jelly Bean on a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. The handset will launch initially in Spain and Romania, following on from Orange’s 4G launches in those countries.

The 4.3” Hiro, meanwhile, is being pitched as the affordable option, running Jelly Bean on a 1.3GHz dual core processor. It will be available in France, Spain, Slovakia and Romania from November.

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Awards Preview – Affiliate and Augmented Reality Campaigns

With the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony taking place in London in four weeks’ time, on 28 November, we are previewing the finalists in each category day-by-day between now and then.

Yesterday, we looked at the finalists in the Most Effective Mobile Advertising Platform/Network category. Today, we look at the contenders in two categories: Most Effective Mobile Affiliate Campaign/Solution, and Most Effective Mobile Augmented Reality Campaign/Solution.


Most Effective Mobile Affiliate Campaign/Solution


Affiliate Window – Making Mobile Count

Making Mobile Count is Affiliate Window’s attempt to ensure that affiliates are rewarded for sales they drive through mobile devices. In July 2012, the company published data revealing £2m in untracked commissions throughout 2012. The company’s challenge was to compel existing advertisers to add tracking.

To solve the problem, Affiliate Window’s technical team put in a redirect containing an iframe hiding advertiser pages when a mobile consumer clicks on a publisher deep link. When the hidden page in the iframe loads, it drops the cookie and ensures the user remains on desktop. Then once the page loads (and the cookie is set) the consumer is redirected to the original deep link that the consumer clicked. The consumer remains on the desktop site even if the deep link didn’t support the stop_mobi parameter. The campaign is ongoing, but has been a huge success, enabling sales through mobile to be tracked, and affiliates duly rewarded for their contribution. 


Mac Presents – Rolling Stones App Sponsored by Citi

In November 2012, The Rolling Stones Official fan app was launched in line with the band’s 50th Anniversary tour. The app allows fans anywhere in the world to connect with each other and the band members themselves, preview tracks for free, listen to and buy any song from The Rolling Stones catalogue on iTunes, buy merchandise, view photos and exclusive video, check out tour dates and check-in to tell the world ‘I was there!’ Citi branding and a link click-through to are integrated into the home page. 

Citi also leveraged the sponsorship with a custom VIP lounge at each show; special photo booths where fans were encouraged to take pictures and post them to social media with the hashtag #StonesVIP; and a voting feature where concertgoers could vote for the song they wanted the Stones to play. 

As of July 2013, the app had over15m page views to date, and over 2m songs had been listened to in the app. 


Tradedoubler’s Mobile Affiliate Solution

There are three key planks to Tradedoubler’s mobile affiliate platform. The first is technology: the company has invested heavily in technology, including its App Solution, launched in 2012, that allows clients to track downloads and in-app transactions through a bespoke SDK; and a Passbook solution, launched in beta with four clients in August 2013. 

The second is tracking and reporting: the company says it is committed to ensuring affiliate traffic is tracked and commissions awarded and reported on. The company is aiming to have all its advertisers tracking through mobile devices by the end of the year. The company has also developed bespoke mobile reporting for its clients to break down their sales by device, in real-time.  

The third aspect is education and knowledge sharing. TradeDoubler’s Mobile Team provides consultancy and training to clients to enable them to tap into the company’s expertise in developing mobile affiliate programme. The company also runs education and networking events to advance the mobile affiliate art. 


TradeDoubler – Omni-Channel Affiliate Programme for The Body Shop

Mobile is at the heart of The Body Shop’s affiliate activity, acting as a bridge between online and in-store activity, and driving significant sales growth. For 2012/13, The Body Shop provided Tradedoubler with four main objectives for their affiliate program: to grow sales by 40 per cent over the previous year; to expand the mobile and in-store strategy for affiliates; to mirror The Body Shop’s movement to an omni-channel brand; and to remain at the forefront of innovative solutions in the online space.

Tradedoubler’s affiliate programme was designed to meet all of these objectives, while integrating mCommerce and mobile-driven in-store activity into the heart of The Body Shop’s existing affiliate programme. Having over-delivered against all targets, Tradedoubler says it has not only achieved its objectives, but also transformed the programme into the first mobile-first retail affiliate programme in the UK. 


Westfield/nFluence – My Westfield Personalised App

This app is designed to personalise the retail experience for shoppers at the Westfield shopping centres in order to drive footfall and sales for the centres’ retailers. The app harnesses nFluence’s autograph technology, allowing users to have fun simply by “Swoting” brands (swiping and voting in one action). Users simply select ‘up’ for like and ‘down’ for dislike, then within 30 seconds the new Westfield app is able to generate a customer profile called an autograph which, based upon their choices contains over 600 interests, 2,000 brand affinities, and 84 demographics.

In order to achieve a precise understanding of the consumer’s preferences, with every brand or content piece ‘swoted’ up or down, 2,700 variables will change accordingly. The customer profile contains no personal information, just brand affinities, interests and preferences, and remains completely transparent and under the control of the shopper at all times.  

Content such as fashion events, cinema listings, offers, new product lines and new Westfield store openings are collated according to the user’s customer profile and served to their own personalised wall. Customers can also express their like or dislike on any piece of content served, thereby allowing them to continually refine their customer profile. Retailers upload their content to the app via a self-service portal in which they are able to set interest tags to calculate relevancy, and contextual parameters for when the content is available such as time and location. Shoppers are rewarded with relevant content and offers in the app; retailers are able to deliver these offers to those shoppers that have expressed an interest in them. The app has been warmly received by retailers and shoppers alike. 


Most Effective Mobile Augmented Reality Campaign/Solution


Audi and Somo – Audi A3 iPad App

This great-looking app enables potential Audi buyers to take a virtual tour of the inside of the car, and even see what it would look like parked on their drive. For Audi, its main role in life is to encourage users to try out the car for themselves through a test drive, something it has been extremely successful in doing. 


Audi and Somo – Audi Vision

Audi Vision is a mobile Augmented Reality platform which allows users to bring brochures to life. Using the platform, potential car buyers can point their mobile device at the car maker’s spring 2013 price and specification guides to unlock the static pages of the brochure, unveiling video, picture and other additional content. Audi Vision has proved successful for Audi and popular with dealers and car buyers, enabling them to get much closer to the car than they ever could with a flat, 2D brochure. 


Fetch – eBay Living Augmented Reality Campaign: Three Lives of Household Objects

Fetch created an Augmented Reality experience for eBay, as part of the company’s presence at the 52nd ‘Salone Internazionale del Mobile’, part of Milan Design Week, from 9 – 14 April 2013. The AR project was part of eBay’s drive to position itself as a creative marketplace, utilising mobile technology to highlight both innovation and mCommerce. The activity was hugely successful and positioned eBay as a creative brand as well as driving a high number of app downloads over a seven day period. 

Nimbletank – Universal Music Grrrrrr Rolling Stones Album Launch

For the release of The Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary album, ‘Grrr’, Nimbletank set out to create the world’s first AR album launch. The result was uView, an app that allows Universal Music to create integrated campaigns that merge worlds instantly. More than 3000 locations around the world, including the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty and the Sydney Opera House, were ‘tagged’ to release the virtual gorillas featured on the album artwork. When a user pointed his uView-equipped app at one of the buildings, he or she saw one of the Gorillas scaling the building. Grrregory (the gorilla) was seen over 200,000 times on buildings across the world with. There was also a 28 per cent clickthrough rate to buy the album directly from the app, and over 32,000 entries to a competition hosted in the app. 


Re:Systems: BT London Live App

RE:SYSTEMS was commissioned by Ticketmaster to develop this iPhone app for the BT London Live event between 28 July and 11August 2012. The event was the UK’s biggest free celebration of the London 2012 Olympic Games at three of the city’s most iconic locations: Hyde Park, Victoria Park and Trafalgar Square. With live coverage of all the medal events, visitors to BT London Live could also experience a variety of entertainment including two special live music concerts.

 The main aim of the app was to guide members of the public around the event venues. Using AR and virtual views of the locations, the app allowed visitors to easily follow directions using their mobile phones. This ensured people knew where to go, when and how to get there. The app was available to the public for free download via the iTunes App Store prior to, and during the events. The app proved popular with the public, attracting 11,500 users during the two weeks of the event. It peaked at number eight in the top free sports apps chart on iTunes. 


The Awards Ceremony takes place at the London Film Museum on the evening of 28 November. There are just five tables still remaining. A table of 10 costs £2,250. Individual seats cost £250. You can book your seat at the awards here. Or call Lisa Slavin on +44 (0) 207 183 5285 or email

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Join Us for Our Making Sense of mCommerce Webinar

The final webinar in our Making Sense of Mobile series for 2013 will be taking place at 4pm on Wednesday 13 November: Making Sense of mCommerce.

Speaking on the webinar are Accenture, Braintree and YPlan, each of whom will be sharing their expertise, as we explore the secrets to successful mCommerce, looking at the customer journey, user experience, driving traffic to mobile properties and delivering a seamless payment experience.

You can register to attend the webinar for free by clicking here.

A recording of the webinar will be available to all registrants after the event, even if you can’t make it on the day.

Over 1,000 people have attended the Making Sense of Mobile webinar series to date.

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Jacob’s Creek Launches Loyalty App

Jacob’s Creek has launched Premium Drinks, a iOS and Android app which rewards users for purchasing its wine.

Users are able to scan their store receipts, which are then validated using ScanZap technology, in order to access vouchers, offers or other rewards. Alongside the app’s release, Jacob’s Creek is introducing a promotion for its Twin Pickings range: the first 4,000 customers to purchase a bottle will receive a voucher to spend at online fashion store The Iconic. 

“The launch of the Premium Drinks app opens up so many exciting opportunities for us to engage with and deliver unique offers to the palm of our customers’ hands. Whether it’s a competition entry or update to a loyalty program, the scanning technology of the app verifies sales receipts and delivers results within one minute,” said Anne Martin, marketing director of Pernod Ricard Winemakers.

“From researching prices, downloading shopping apps and reading product reviews, we understand the role smartphones take during the pre-purchase stage. With this app, we are extending the role of smartphones post-purchase, with appealing and hassle-free customer benefits.”

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Bunndle Launches App Network on iOS

Bunndle has expanded its mobile app distribution network to iOS.

The company, which started on desktop in 2010, came to mobile earlier this year with the launch of an ad network for Android.

It exclusively serves full screen interstitial ad units, asking the user to accept or decline downloading an app, contextually targeted based on the app being used and the users’ likely interests. This approach, Bunndle says, has helped it achieve an average installation rate of 40 per cent.

“Mobile advertising is exploding, but most mobile ads are not relevant and provide a poor user experience,” said Maxine Manafy, founder and CEO, Bunndle. “We used the same patent-pending optimisation technology we built for our desktop service to provide the best possible matching of app to user on our mobile ad network.”

For the iOS launch, Bunndle has signed up launch partners including LinkedIn, Blekko and Skout.

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Shoto Launches Location-based Photo Sharing App

Shoto has launched its private photo-sharing app, which automatically gathers together photos taken by groups of friends.

The app uses location and phonebook data to intelligently organise and back up pictures, which are then shared between supported platforms, which at launch comprises iOS and Android. 

Shoto works out which of your real friends are with you, and automatically brings together your and their photos into a single set of smart albums, so that you can enjoy memories without having to nag, be nagged and without looking at your photos in a piecemeal manner,” said Shoto co-founder Sachin Dev Duggal. “We are entering a world of new dimensions and context. Private is the new social, people want to have intimate conversations about real memories with their real friends.”

With an idea like this, privacy is likely to be a major concern. After all, nobody wants to accidentally share photos with a stranger who happens to be in the same place at the same time, or share the wrong photos with friends. The app enables users to fine tune who will see their photos – just them, the friends who were present, or the whole world – with a single gesture.

Shoto says it’s trying to tackle the issue of the 1.2bn photos taken on smartphones each day which are never shared, by moving away from the picture-by-picture sharing process currently. Though it’s debatable whether those of us who are already overwhelmed with photos of friends would agree this really is an issue.

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A Closer Look at Facebook in Q3: Mobile Up, Desktop and Teens Down

Earlier today, Facebook posted an impressive set of results for Q3, with mobile driving its growth in terms of both userbase and revenues. 

73.4 of Facebook MAUs (Mobile Active Users) are mobile users, while 21.3 per cent – 254m people – exclusively access the social network from mobile devices. And ad revenues have followed suit, with mobile ads making up 44 per cent of the company’s total sales, a total of $882m (£550m).

According to eMarketer, Facebook will account for 15.8 per cent of worldwide mobile ad spend in 2013 – up from 5.4 per cent share last year. That jump is reflective of just how much “Facebook has evolved over the last year”, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg put it on the company’s earnings call.

In fact, Facebook is approaching the point where the majority of its money actually comes from mobile, as it predicted in Q2.

“It is quite certain that next quarter will be the first ever where Facebook’s mobile business surpasses its online,” commented Sephi Shapira, CEO of mobile ad firm MassiveImpact. “This is a clear indication of the huge potential that the constantly evolving mobile ecosystem holds for new comers that position themselves correctly.”

However, it’s worth noting that this switch isn’t entirely due to Facebook growth on mobile. Its desktop revenues actually dipped in Q3, down $26m on the previous quarter to $918m. It’s a similar story in terms of users:

“In Q3, for the first time, daily access on web declined year-over-year, albeit very modestly,” CFO David Ebersman admitted on the call. The social network actually saw a overall drop in daily users in the US, most prominently among younger teens – though Ebersman said that “monthly user numbers remain steady and overall engagement on Facebook remains strong”.

All earning call quotations taken from SeekingAlpha‘s transcript.

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MTV Launches Music Discovery App

MTV has launched a music discovery app for iOS, MTV Artists.

Users can find artists either searching by name or lyrics, or using the app’s Shazam-style song identification function.

Once they’ve tracked down the act they’re looking, users can access exclusive audio and video content including performances, interviews and news reports, as well as biogs, Facebook and Twitter updates, and links to buy tickets or songs. Artists are also able to take control of their own pages in order to add their own content.

Pepsi has signed up as premiere launch partner for the app.

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CBS Outdoor Hands NFC Poster Task to Proxama

Outdoor advertising firm, CBS Outdoor, has selected Proxama, which provides mobile commerce, loyalty and payment solutions, as its Near Field Communication (NFC) technology partner.

CBS Outdoor will be using Proxama’s TapPoint platform for campaign content management and reporting for its entire outdoor media estate. By the end of 2014, CBS Outdoor will have NFC-enabled over 5,000 media assets on the London Underground and 2,000 assets on UK National Rail.

Additional rollouts will also be undertaken across Europe by the end of 2014, with 30 shopping malls in Italy, 1,000 media assets at train stations in the Netherlands, and a selection of shopping malls in Ireland.

The partnership will enable consumers to tap their smart devices on outdoor advertising to engage with brands in a variety of ways, including content downloads, competitions and direct links to mCommerce sites to buy goods and services. Proxama will be paid on a Cost-per-tap (CPT) model, as well as campaign set-up fees and reporting analytics.

In September of this year Proxama worked with CBS Outdoor on the launch of digital pods at the Westfield shopping centre, which enabled consumers to download content by tapping their smartphones on the pod.

“The media landscape is rapidly evolving in response to increased developments in technology and consumer uptake of smart devices,” said Federica Bonato-Hayes, head of interactive solutions at CBS Outdoor. “In response, outdoor advertising, along with most other media channels, is reassessing its role in the media mix. Traditionally, outdoor advertising is known for its ability to build rapid brand awareness, reach a mass audience and deliver significant impact. Technology has transformed the way the medium can be used by brands. In short, interactivity and NFC present a significant opportunity for advertisers to engage with audiences.”

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Awards Preview – Most Effective Mobile Advertising Platform/Network

With the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony taking place in London in four weeks’ time, on 28 November, we are previewing the finalists in each category day-by-day between now and then.

Yesterday, we looked at the finalists in the Most Effective Tactical Messaging Campaign category. Today, we look at the contenders in the Most Effective Mobile Advertising Platform/Network category. 

AdColony HD Instant-Play

AdColony’ Instant-Play technology is designed to solve the problems often encountered when users try to engage with streaming video content on mobile, such as grainy, choppy videos and long load times. The company estimates that over 200,000,000 user/seconds (or 55,000 user/hours) wasted a day by mobile users waiting for video ads to load, which leads to lower engagement rates for mobile advertisers. AdColony’s Instant-Play tech delivers ads instantly and in high-definition, for superior engagement.  



Airpush is on a mission to redefine mobile advertising for publishers and advertisers. More than 100,000 apps and 5,000 advertisers rely on the company to deliver high-performing ads. Using Airpush’s DSP platform, advertisers can run campaigns across all major mobile RTB exchanges and SSPs, including Inneractive, MobClix, MoPub, OpenX, Smaato and other mobile RTB supply sources around the world, from a single interface, using advanced optimization and audience targeting tools.  

Founded in 2011, the company has approximately 140 employees and offices in Los Angeles and Bangalore. Its revenue has grown 300 per cent and 170 per cent respectively over its first two years, hitting $47m last year, and on track to reach between $130 – $150m this year. 



Amobee provides mobile advertising solutions to large mobile operators, publishers and brands worldwide. SingTel Group acquired Amobee in early 2012 for $321m in order to leverage its 480m-strong mobile subscriber base across the APAC region. Since then, Amobee has become the exclusive mobile ad partner for SingTel, Globe, Optus, and Telkomsel. 

The company has also expanded its suite of rich media tools in the past twelve months. These include PULSE Create, a mobile ad creation platform that enables advertisers and publishers to create rich media and 3D mobile ad campaigns that do not require special glasses or hardware to be enjoyed. In Q4 2012, Amobbe reported revenues of $22m. 


Fiksu Mobile App Marketing Platform

Fiksu is a high-performance mobile app marketing platform that delivers quality users at scale. The Fiksu Mobile App Marketing Platform combines centralized media buying from what the company claims is the world’s largest mobile advertising inventory, with advanced optimization technology, to help app marketers deliver exceptional results. Fiksu says that its algorithm-based, real-time ad buying platform secures the lowest possible cost-per-install, and targets high-quality, loyal users for an app. Developers and brands using the platform include Coca-Cola, Zynga, Rovio and Disney.



The InMobi ad network covers 165 markets, with local expertisedelivered  through 25 regional offices, reaching 671m global mobile users and 40 per cent of the world’s smartphone users through inventory in more than 25,000 mobile sites and apps. InMobi is the one-stop destination for Mobile Advertising. The company offers insight-based performance advertising, rich media advertising at scale, and targeting capabilities through its AudienceID solution. 

InMobi is also committed to advancing the art of mobile advertising through research, providing monthly reporting from the consumer perspective on the state of mobile advertising to larger consumer research about mobile shopping or tablet consumption to mobile ad effectiveness. The company also offers the InMobi Lifetime Value Platform, a free-to-use game monetization tool. Developers can segment users based on their unique behavior inside the app and send targeted and customized in-app messages to maximize revenues. InMobi is backed by Softbank, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sherpalo Ventures.


Leadbolt Mobile User Acquisition and Monetization Platform

Leadbolt offers a Self-Serve, Real Time Bidding Cost Per Click (CPC) platform that it says is perfect for affiliate marketers, brokered offers and non-developers, giving advertisers full control to target, bid, allocate spend and track results.  

For media agencies and brands, LeadBolt has a Cost Per Engagement (CPE) fully-managed solution that it says delivers unlimited access to highly engaged consumers. Video, sweepstakes and full sponsorship integration are available. And for app developers, LeadBolt offers a Cost Per Install (CPI) Fully-Managed solution designed to deliver quality traffic to drive user acquisition, in a 100 per cent non-incentivized environment.

One of LeadBolt’s standout ad units is the Audio Ad, which uses gyroscope technology to capture user responses. The Audio Ads combine display, audio and a gyroscopic trigger to enhance user engagement and move the display ad experience beyond the limitations of the mobile screen. LeadBolt says that Audio Ad response rates are 600 per cent higher than standard display ads.


Qriously Opinion Targeting

Qriously has built the world’s first ‘Question Network’ for brands and introduced a novel channel to reach consumers across it that is calls Opinion Targeting.

Underpinning both is real-time platform that lets agencies buy questions to target mobile ads based on declared consumer interest; consumers self-select the ads they are exposed to by expressing their opinion in response to these questions. Qriously uses the opinions generated to uncover consumer intent and match this with advertiser’s ads on smartphones. Once the link between consumer intent and relevant mobile ad is made, the company re-targets the consumer across brand-safe mobile apps to affect brand attributes, while respecting consumer privacy. The idea is to draw consumers into different levels of the brand funnel through exposure to sequential creative stories, using static, animated or rich mobile ads. The company says its approach insures consumers against ad-irrelevancy and shifts mobile display advertising from passive to participatory.


Smaato Mobile RTB Ad Exchange

Smaato operates a global mobile RTB ad exchange and mobile Supply Side Platform (SSP) which helps mobile app developers and publishers to increase ad revenues. More than 70,000 app developers and publishers use Smaato to monetize their content in 230 countries. Smaato says its unique feature is the aggregation of 90 ad networks and 100 DSPs to maximize mobile advertising revenues. Through an open API and wide range of SDKs, Smaato technology can be easily integrated with ad networks, ad inventory owners (publishers and app developers) and third party ad technology providers. 

The number of brand advertisers shifting their marketing budgets into RTB platforms is growing every day; Smaato says two to three new DSPs are integrated every week. The company says the introduction of RTB has helped to strengthen its position as a leading global mobile ad exchange and mobile SSP. It adds that RTB has a positive impact on eCPMs which are up to four times higher compared to non-RTB. Publishers of all sizes gain huge benefits from more competitive bids, because interested advertisers bid at the same time, and the best bid wins. Based on the second price model, they only have to pay the second highest price. All this happens in milliseconds based state-of-the-art technology and intelligent algorithms. 


Tapjoy Mobile Advertising Platform

Tapjoy is a mobile performance-based advertising platform that aims to drive deep engagement and monetization opportunities for app publishers, while delivering valuable, engaged consumers to some of the world’s biggest brand advertisers. 

The company has a reach of more than 435m mobile users each month, and its “Mobile Value Exchange” model allows users to receive premium content in exchange for their engagement with advertisements.

Tapjoy is backed by investors, including J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Rho Ventures, North Bridge Venture Partners, InterWest Partners and D.E. Shaw Ventures. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company also has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Santa Barbara, Atlanta, Boston, Paris, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo.  

Textlocal Messenger 2.0

Messenger 2.0 is a bespoke platform designed to empower businesses to create and send mobile messaging campaigns. It enables businesses to instantly deliver news, alerts, confirmations, and offers directly to the mobile handsets of their customers, prospects and employees. 

The company’s ethos is to provide a self-serve, easy-to-use, online system that enables the user to craft mobile messaging campaigns, develop messages, automate sends, create surveys and pay online in a matter of minutes. 

Campaigns can be scheduled to reach different recipients at specific times. And for larger organisations, Messenger 2.0 can connect with any CRM application through Textlocal’s API code, allowing appointment- or renewal-led organisations to automatically send reminders and confirmations directly to their customers’ handsets. 

Although the system is self-service, Textlocal supplies account management for every business and round-the-clock support for when it’s needed. Additionally a set-up wizard has recently been added to the platform to guide users through the system step by step.

Over the last 12 months, Textlocal’s 105,000 customers have sent an average of 30m messages a month. 



Trademob is a mobile app marketing platform that offers mobile advertisers an easy and efficient opportunity to promote their apps globally by maximizing mobile marketing goals and budgets. The company’s optimization engine and data-driven approach seeks to amplify active users, in-app engagement and mobile revenue.  


Upstream MINT

MINT is Upstream’s mobile marketing technology platform. It is connected to mobile operators in 40 countries and to date, has delivered over 160,000 mobile campaigns in 23 languages. In total, it has managed more than 30bn mobile interactions. 

The platform aims to enable brands and operators to monetise mobile in the most effective way. It provides a range of advanced sales mechanics to engage different types of customer, with the objective to drive up purchase rates in a variety of ways. These include promotions, loyalty programmes, content publishing and credit provision. The platform is fully hosted solution, and Upstream says it is easy to manage and scale, offering customers simplicity and speed to market, and enabling them to focus on their own technology.


The Awards Ceremony takes place at the London Film Museum on the evening of 28 November. You can book your seat at the awards here. Or call Lisa Slavin on +44 (0) 207 183 5285 or email

A table of 10 costs £2,250. Individual seats cost £250. There are 250 seats available on a first come, first served basis. We expect seats to sell out quickly. 

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