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2CFILM Embraces the Dual Screener

Kirsty Styles

While the telly box sometimes struggles for the attention of mobile multi-taskers, 2CFILM's App movie is the world’s first motion picture to work with a synchronised iPhone and Android app for use in cinemas.

This is the first in a series of titles in development by 2CFILM and the story centres on the app that becomes an autonomous force… The audience follows a parallel storyline via the app content, bringing the big screen and small screen together throughout the film.

App works with SyncNow digital watermarking created by Civolution, which makes the mobile app automatically synchronise to the movie whenever it is watched. The apps were developed by Service2Media.

The 2CFILM, Civolution and Service2Media partnership will see them create multi-screen experiences  for movies iin cinema, DVD, along with linear and on-demand TV and online content.

Edvard van ‘t Wout, founder of 2CFILM, said: “App is our first step on to the international stage with our new approach to film, creating commercially-successful films that fit with how today’s audiences consume content and which resonate with the modern world.”

App (and the apps) are due for release in the Netherlands on 24 February next year.

The 2CFILM company was created by Imagine Nation, a global media content business recently launched by former Who Wants to be a Millionaire? owner Kees Abrahams.