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31 Per Cent of Christmas Paid Search Clicks from Mobile

Kirsty Styles

31 per cent of all UK retail paid search clicks came from smartphones and tablets over the Christmas period, according to data from Kenshoo. But, while tablets generated 21 per cent of total revenue, along with 18 per cent of clicks and conversions, the report found that 78 per cent of UK retail paid search ad spend is focused on computers, with 14 per cent on tablets and 7 per cent on smartphones.

The average order value from users who clicked on tablet search ads was £88.48, compared to £73.78 on computers and £71.98 for smartphones. Average CPC ads for tablets are 31 per cent less expensive than computers - £0.36 for computers, £0.25 for tablets and £0.17 for smartphones. Kenshoo says that retailers in the UK generated £12.95 return on investment for every £1 invested in paid search.

The Global Online Retail Holiday Shopping report found that iPhones delivered 62.4 per cent of smartphone clicks, leaving Android behind with 34.55 per cent and Blackberry on just 2.18 per cent. 98.3 per cent of tablet clicks came from iPad.

UK consumers spent 34 per cent more on Boxing Day 2012 on online purchases found through paid search ads than in 2011. UK retailers spent 27 per cent more on search marketing during this past Christmas season than in 2011.