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74 Per Cent of Businesses have Mobile Roles to Fill

Kirsty Styles

74 per cent of UK and US businesses have mobile roles to fill, according to a survey of 600 HR managers in the US and UK by Antenna. 51 per cent of companies have recently created mobile-specific roles, while 20 per cent are planning to create one or two roles in the next year. Five per cent are planning to create between five and 10 new positions. The average company currently has eight mobile projects being planned built, implemented or managed - spending $945,000 on mobile initiatives.

Mobile device management is the most sought after skillset, by 23 per cent of companies, followed by mobile content development, mobile security and mobile advertising. 29 per cent of companies have now taken on a ‘mobile strategist’, assigning ownership for development and execution of business-wide mobile strategies to a specific individual.

40 per cent have found it easy to fill these posts, while 24 per cent of companies have found it difficult. 93 per cent of those indicated it is not due to a lack of applicants, but the absence of someone with the right qualities for the job. In the UK, a person working in mobile is most likely to be paid between £25,000 and £35,000. In the US, similarly, the most likely salary is between $45,000 (£27,896) and $55,000 (£34,095).

“While mobile and wireless technologies have been part of business culture for many years, we’re actually still in the early stages and only beginning to see the broad social and economic impact it will have for many years to come,” said Jim Somers, chief marketing and strategy officer for Antenna.  “As mobile matures, we expect to see a greater number of businesses expand their mobile teams and identify a mobile strategist to lead the way and ensure long-term success."

See the infographic from the study here.