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Adfonic: Apple Widening Its Lead in Ad Impressions

Alex Spencer

Apple and Samsung devices together accounted for nine of the top 10 mobile devices by share of ad impressions in Q3, 2012, according to Adfonic's Global AdMetrics Report for the period.

Samsung might be the highest selling smartphone manufacturer, but Apple still holds the top spot in terms of in ad impressions – reflecting a higher engagement among iOS users.

In fact, Apple's lead has widened, growing its share by three percentage points quarter-on-quarter to 37 per cent. Samsung's share also grew, by one percentage point to 24 per cent, while the companies rounding out the top five - Nokia (eight per cent), RIM (six per cent), and HTC (six per cent) - all saw their share drop.

“It is significant that, even though Samsung is making huge in-roads in device ownership and gaining mobile advertising share, it is still losing ground to Apple,” said Victor Malachard. “And these results don’t take into account the impact of new Apple devices such as the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini and the new iPad, which will be felt during Q4.”