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Adfonic: Real-Time Bidding Drives CTR Up by 97 Per Cent

Alex Spencer

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) methods increase CTR (Click-Through Rates) on mobile ads by an average of 97 per cent, according to Adfonic's AdSnap: Mobile RTB report.

The report is based on billions of ad impressions from Adfonic's platform, comparing the the results of campaigns using RTB – the programmatic trading of mobile ads based on algorithms – to those which didn't.

For some advertiser verticals, RTB can give an even greater uplift. Style and fashion campaigns, for example, saw an increase of 231 per cent when they used RTB.

There are benefits for publishers too, as eCPMs (effective cost per thousand) are 64 per cent higher on average for RTB campaigns, according to the report.

When combined with rich media ad formats, RTB can apparently prove even more effective, giving an uplift of 218 per cent over a standard banner.

“In the mobile advertising world, everyone is focused on how we can make ads more relevant and effective, especially as mobile advertising is experiencing explosive growth,” said Adfonic CTO Wes Biggs. “The challenge is considerable when dealing with billions of user interactions on a daily basis. The introduction of sophisticated algorithms which analyse huge data volumes is not only essential to keep up with this growth, the results prove that, through them, we can execute more effectively on behalf of our buyers.”