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B3IT Launches dynamIQ parking

Alex Spencer

B3IT has launched its dynamIQ parking solution, in cooperation with Swedish mobile operator Tele2, and an unnamed “global leader in wireless sensor-enabled smart city solutions”. The solution enables drivers to find a free parking space in advance, reserve it and pay for it immediately.

B3IT notes that parking space is a scarce and expensive resource in urban environments, and every free parking slot is an opportunity to improve the traffic situation and increase efficiency in people’s lives. To date, the company adds, car parking space has been a dumb static resource and people's traveling plans have been based on hope. It cites estimates that 30 per cent of city traffic is accounted for by people looking for a free parking slot.

With dynamIQ parking in place, users can check if there is a decently priced parking slot available where they are going at any time. If the user finds one they like, they can reserve the space and pay for it immediately. Users can access the solution via smartphones, tablets and PCs, or via digital signage and interactive kiosks.

"Our strong IT consulting capabilities and M2M expertise, together with our partner’s offerings, make an easy to buy solution to a complex problem,” said B3IT Management CEO, Sven Uthorn. “We can have a pilot up and running in two months from decision.”