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Facebook Regains Double-digit Lead over Google in Social Login

Tim Maytom

SocialReachFacebook has once again surged ahead of closest competitor Google in social login numbers, after two quarters of growth for Facebook, and two of decline for the search giant.

The figures comes from Janrain's Q3 social login report, which analyses how people are using social network IDs across the internet, drawing data from a large cross-section of media, entertainment, B2B, brand, retail and gaming sites.

Social login continues to grow, with social network and email identities now the most popular way to create accounts on the web, eliminating the need to remember another username-password combination, and accelerating account creation and login. According to the report, 90 per cent of users have encountered social login, and more than half of those actively use it, with 91 per cent of those satisfied with the experience.

Despite reports of increasing privacy concerns and young people abandoning the network, Facebook's continues to grow in value as a provider of social login, with 46 per cent preferring to use the social network to access various sites. Google dropped down to 34 per cent, although it edged into a narrow lead on B2B sites. Twitter came in third place with 7 per cent, but recorded a strong quarter of growth, increasing it's share 1.3 per cent thanks largely to consumer brand sites.

For marketers, social login solves some of the challenge of collecting accurate and complete profile data across desktop and mobile, and explains why moves such as Facebook's Audience Network are seen as such a boon for advertising, expanding marketers' reach to a whole new ecosystem of sites.