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Google+ App Update and New Year Clear Out

Kirsty Styles

Users of the Google+ app on iOS and Android can now edit their profile in-app, subscribe to notifications from user circles, access Google+ Communities and take better control of event scheduling. Both apps now include Google Hangouts, supporting connections as low as 150KB.

Google is providing 5GB of extra space for Android users on v3.3 of the app so they can back up their full resolution photos using the instant upload feature. Users will also be able to share their mood, upload animated GIFs, receive birthday reminders and lock their screen with a new widget.

The iOS Google+ app v4.0 has also had an update to photo viewing, which includes inline swiping through photo albums, tap to view and a pan-zoom-scale function. iOS users will be able to see longer post summaries and bigger post photos, as well as viewing comments underneath each post. They can also now receive birthday reminders.

New Year clear out

Google has also announced that a number of its less popular services will be cleared out in the New Year. Users in the US will no longer be able to create and check meetings by SMS. The Punchd loyalty card app will also be discontinued. Users can continue to earn punches and redeem rewards at participating businesses until 7 June.