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Google Brings Native Ads to DoubleClick Across Web and Apps

Alex Spencer

Native Ad Google DoubleclickGoogle has added support for native ads to DoubleClick for Publishers, across the web, apps and AMP, the streamlined mobile pages it launched in February.

The native ad platform enables advertisers to provide publishers with the components that make up their ads – image, headline, copy – rather than specific creative. DoubleClick will then automatically create an ad to match the style of the site it appears on.

These native ads can run in both traditional banner slots and a new 'responsive fluid ad slot' available in Google Publisher Tag and the Google Mobile Ads SDK.

The release has already undergone trials with over 200 publishers, including the New York Times, which used DoubleClick to more efficiently serve its 'Flex Frames' native ad format.

"DoubleClick’s goal has always been to help publishers thrive and deliver great advertising experiences with the least complexity," said DoubleClick product manager Tom Bender. "With our growing investment in native solutions for publishers, we’re excited to power ad experiences that are more engaging and seamless for users everywhere, unlocking brand spend in a way that’s sustainable and scalable."