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Google could face massive fine as first EU antitrust case draws to a close

Tyrone Stewart

GoogleGoogle is set to be fined to the tune of more than €1bn (£875m) as the EU’s antitrust regulators reach a decision regarding the company’s search practices, the first of three decisions to be made regarding Google’s treatment of competition.

According to the Financial Times, citing two people familiar with the case, EU officials will reveal their decision that Google abused its search market dominance to push its Google Shopping service above other services. This decision could see the company being handed a bill larger than the record abuse penalty of €1bn handed out to Intel in 2009.

Google has repeatedly rejected the charges but has faced a number of complaints from its US and European rivals, which triggered a seven-year investigation by the European Commission.

“Ultimately, we can’t agree with a case that lacks evidence and would limit our ability to serve our users, just to satisfy the interests of a small number of websites,” wrote Kent Walker, SVP and general counsel at Google, in a blog post in November.

Further charges levelled at the tech giant include the company using its Android mobile operating system to squeeze out competitors and blocking rivals in online search advertising. Google is expected to face massive fines for all charges.