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HTML5-Friendly App Platform KonyOne Launches

Alex Spencer

Mobile platform provider Kony Solutions has launched KonyOne, which it describes as: "the only platform that enables a single application definition to deliver both native applications and mobile web (HTML5 and non-HTML5) across phones, tablets, kiosks and desktops". Kony has also introduced a number of enhancements to its platform, to increase the level of support for HTML5.

The KonyOne platform offers native support for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Java ME, Symbian, and webOS, along with simultaneous support for the mobile web, and, says Kony, provides a secure, scalable and extensible mobile middleware runtime platform that can be seamlessly integrated with existing services. It also suports the following  HTML5 updates:

  • HTML5 Elements: including new form fields (i.e. numbers or date ranges), semantic elements, audio and video elements, data URLs for images and application caching
  • Touch Specific Features: with the ability to handle touch events and resolve them as a tap, double tap, long press or swipe. Kony One also brings gesture API support to any HTML5 deployment
  • CSS 3.0 Specifications: leveraging media queries to target CSS specific to device DPI, with CSS gradients, rounded corners and shadows along with 2D and 3D transitions
  • New JavaScript APIs: enabling features such as geolocation, hash change, local storage, Web SQL and native JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) parsing
  • Widget Enhancements: designed to improve the application user experience, new feature-rich widget enhancements include image-based 360 degree views, accordion views, scrollable Hbox or Vbox, dockable widgets like the App Menu or Header/Footer, as well as transitions between form and pop-up widgets

“At Kony, we believe the future includes native, mobile web, and HTML5 hybrid or ‘mixed mode’ applications,” says Kony CEO, Raj Koneru. “Using the KonyOne platform, developers are able to use a single code base to create optimised applications for any device, operating system or browser. They can create native, mobile web, or HTML5 applications, or any combination, to achieve the best individual user experience.”

Kony has introduced several enhancements to its platform to provide complete HTML5 support, supporting updates including touch-specific features, CSS 3.0 specifications, and widget enhancements.