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iDontQ Aims to Put An End to Queues

David Murphy

App developer iDon’tQ has released an iOS and Android app of the same name that enables UK consumers to order and pay for food and drinks without, as the name implies, ever setting foot in a queue. iDon’tQ payments are processed by Elavon Merchant Services, which provides merchant acquiring services.

The company behind the app says it is being rolled out nationwide in cafés, bars, pubs and venues, with plans to expand into cinemas, restaurants, theatres and festivals. It is currently live in a handful of venues in the north of England, with more due to come on stream in the weeks to come.

The app is location-enabled, so can tell the users where their nearest compatible venue is. Once in the app, there’s a drop-down menu to enable the user to place their order and then pay for it. The order is received on an iPad at the bar, and when it’s ready for collection, a push notification is sent to the user’s phone. Users can opt for delivery to their table at venues where this is offered.

The app is free both for users and venues. iDontQ makes its money on a small commission on the in-app payment. The company is also keen to attract brands to the platform.

“We are having conversations with a number of drinks and spirit brands,” marketing director Ian Rabbidge told Mobile Marketing. The Holy Grail for drinks brands is visibility over the bar and away from the bar, and in many ways, the smartphone is the new point of sale.”

Brand activity can be nailed down to specific venues, so if a drinks brand was running a promotion in a given pub, it could also target iDontQ app users in the bar through the app. “Event managers have the ability to manage the promotional activity and push brands that are supporting their venue,” Rabbidge explained.