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iPhone is not the Best Smartphone, say US and UK Consumers

Kirsty Styles

Apple’s iPhone 5 came fifth in a survey of almost 94,000 US consumers when asked about how satisfied they were with their smartphone. Four Android devices were rated higher by users in the poll conducted by On Device Research, with the Motorola Atrix, a lower-priced smartphone first launched in 2011, coming out on top with a rating of 8.57 out of 10.

In the UK, the iPhone 5 ranked second behind the HTC One X, which got 8.47 out of 10. This was followed by the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the S3 Mini and then the S3. All of the devices chosen in the US were 4G-enabled and people with these handsets were more satisfied with both their device and their mobile network operator than those without 4G access.

On Device Research’s marketing manager, Sarah Quin,n said: “As 4G opens up to more UK cities in 2013, it will provide opportunities for both mobile network operators and handset manufacturers to increase user satisfaction and device usage.”