MM Awards

Join Us at 1pm for The Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Twitter Panel

Alex Spencer

With the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony less than three weeks away, we thought it was high time to pull some of the judges together and ask them what they thought of the entries they'd seen. So, kicking off at 1pm British time, we'll be holding a live Twitter panel at the hashtag #emmawards.

The panel is hosted by Mobile Marketing editor David Murphy, who'll be joined by fellow judges Russell Buckley, Helen Keegan, James Cameron and Rob Thurner to discuss which entries most excited and disappointed them, why certain categories were more well-subscribed than others, what they hope to see more of next year, and much more.

You can watch the panel by following the #emmawards hashtag. And feel free to add in any questions of your own - just don't expect us to reveal any of the winners!