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Learn from the experts at our App Marketing Summit

David Murphy
Swell - one of our Summit speakers

With more than 2m apps in both the Apple App Store and Google Play store, the challenge for brands in getting their apps discovered and downloaded has never been greater. And as the number of apps to choose from continues to rise by the day, it’s only going to get harder.

So how do you get your app discovered and downloaded, and even if you get that far, how do you convince people to use it once and then carry on using it, so that your app doesn’t become one of the vast majority that sits buried in a user’s phone, gathering digital dust?

These are the issues we will be exploring at our App Marketing Summit in London on 18 May, and we’ll be doing so in excellent company. Our delegates will hear from a great line up of speakers, including brands like Direct Line and Circle, for whom an app is just one weapon in their customer engagement armoury, and others like Swell, App Chocolate and Gram Games, who stand or fall by the quality of their apps and their ability to get them on to people’s phones.

In addition to our brand speakers, delegates will hear from app marketing experts from the agency side who will be sharing their knowledge through keynote presentations and interactive round table sessions.

The App Marketing Summit takes place at the Royal Society of Chemistry in Piccadilly on 18 May from 9.30 to 15.30 and is free for senior-level brand delegates to attend. Join your peers from Sainsbury’s TopShop, The Economist, Tesco, John Lewis, Zoopla, Fiat Chrysler, ASOS and many more for a day of education, inspiration and innovation. You can register for the event here.