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L'Oreal Trials Responsive HTML5 Ads

Kirsty Styles

L’Oreal is one of a number of advertisers trialling a HTML5 responsive ad unit which has just been launched by Undertone.

The ScreenShift ads used in the US campaign for Revitalift Miracle Blur adapt to the screen size of the device, including converting click and drag desktop elements into tap and swipe for interaction on smartphones.

Across desktop and tablets, ScreenShift renders as a full browser-width ad that pushes the entire page content down by 500 pixels. On mobile, the format performs a whole page takeover and after an animation of up to 15 seconds, slides back up into a full-width, 90 pixel tall banner. The ads also enable interactive elements to be deployed across platforms, like image galleries, social media integration and click-to-call.