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Mobile Accounted for $40.6bn of the Gaming Industry's Revenue in 2016

Tyrone Stewart

Candy Crush Mobile GameMobile gaming accounted for a staggering $40.6bn (£33bn) of the $91bn the gaming industry raked in during 2016, beating PC ($35.8bn) by almost $5bn, according to video game market intelligence provider Superdata.

Maybe somewhat surprisingly, from the data collected between January and November, Pokémon Go ($788m) was not one of the top five mobile games – in terms of revenue. The game peaked in August with earnings of $203m and 290m monthly active users . Since it has seen a rapid decline but seems to be enjoying a renaissance period after partnering with Sprint and Starbucks, and introducing new pocket monsters to the game.

The mobile gaming revenue charts were topped by Monster Strike ($1.3bn), followed by Clash of Clans ($1.2bn), Clash Royale ($1.1bn), Game of War: Fire Age ($910m) and Mobile Strike ($900m).

The highest proportion of the mobile gaming revenue came, perhaps obviously, from Asia. The region accounted for $24.9bn, while only $6.9bn came from North America in second place and $5.7bn from Europe in third.

Globally, Superdata predicts mobile gaming revenue to increase to $54.5bn by 2019.

Elsewhere, VR accounted $2.7bn of the gaming industry’s revenue – this is expected to grow to $17.85bn by 2019. The computer tech averaged 16m monthly unique users (MUUs). This is projected to grow to 81.5m MUU by 2019.

AR accounted for $1bn in 2016, and is predicted to grow to $4.2bn by 2019, while mixed reality only accounted for $100m, but is expected to grow to 9.4bn in three years’ time.