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Mobile Embrace Opens Up Angry Birds to Australian Advertisers

Alex Spencer

[img_assist|nid=25488|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=150|height=150]Premium mobile sales agency Mobile Embrace has partnered with Rovio, enabling Australian advertisers to purchase targeted inventory on Angry Birds, and Rovio's other apps, for the first time.

The Angry Birds apps have a particularly rich ad offering, often with unique ad units – such as the R2D2- and lightsaber-themed animated rich media banners available in Angry Birds Star Wars

“Rovio is another fantastic addition to our growing stable of premium publishers,” said Pete Birch, managing director of advertising at Mobile Embrace. “Their exceptionally popular games offer advertisers leading recognised premium environments. With the opportunity to integrate rich media ad units that feature the content themes of the apps themselves, Australian mobile advertisers can now engage their audiences at a deeper level. We know that rich media integrated into mobile content far more effective than a simple ad banner.”

Rovio's apps have been downloaded a combined total of 1.7bn times, and have more than 260m active monthly users.