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Nintendo Announces Next Two Apps

Alex Spencer

miitomoNintendo has announced its next two apps, as the legendary games publisher continues its move into mobile.

Following on from Miitomo, its first ever-app, Nintendo is turning to two of its established franchises: Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing, promising 'more prominent game elements' than in Miitomo, which is essentially a mini-social network. The company is notably still holding back from bringing any of its biggest names – the likes of Mario, Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda – to mobile, however.

Fire Emblem is a role-playing strategy game, which Nintendo says it will be streamlining to make it more accessible – if we had to bet, a Clash of Clans-style redesign seems likely. Animal Crossing, meanwhile, will connect with the console games. Both are due this autumn, with a further two titles set to arrive by September 2017.

The initial foray of Miitomo has proved successful for the company. Around a month after its global launch, the app has passed 10m users. Nintendo reports that 300m conversations have been held in the app, and 20m 'Miifoto' images created to be shared on social media.