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O2 and 2ergo Piloting Mobile Coupons in Dublin's Silicon Docklands

Alex Spencer

O2 has launched a mobile couponing pilot in Dublin's 'Silicon Docklands' area, in partnership with contactless technology firm 2ergo

Using 2ergo's podifi technology, O2's ‘Docklands Deals’ scheme enables customers to redeem local discounts and promotional offers in participating local retailers. 

The scheme is available to consumers regardless of their network operator, and works through an iOS and Android mobile wallet app, which features location-based discovery functionality. The user then taps their phone on a 'podifi pod', connected to the tills of 50 participating retailers in the Docklands area.

“Docklands Deals is a fantastic example of how O2 is working with innovative technology partners, such as 2ergo, to deploy new tools and services improving the functionality of mobiles in consumers’ daily lives,” said Telefónica Ireland marketing and innovation director Eugene Mitchell. “It also marks another step along the journey of making the mobile wallet a reality, with mobile loyalty cards and payments to follow.”