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Facebook and Google Make Up One of Every Three Minutes In-app

Kirsty Styles

Facebook finished the year as the number one app across iPhone and Android in the US, both in terms of user numbers and time spent using the social networking app.

Although Google Maps led for much of 2012, peaking at more than 80m unique visitors in August before being removed as the native app on iOS, Facebook had 85.5m mobile app users at the end of the year. Google Maps came in second with 74.6m, according to comScore's latest Mobile Metrix.

Google services make up the rest of the top five most popular apps, with the Play store on 61.4m downloads, Search on 60.6m and Gmail on 50.9. Youtube, also owned by Google, is the sixth most popular app. Other apps in the top 10 were Pandora, iTunes, Cooliris and Yahoo! Messenger. Twitter, Amazon and eBay were nowhere to be seen.

App users spent 23 per cent of their time on Facebook in December 2012, followed by Instagram, also owned by Facebook, Gmail and Youtube with 3 per cent each. Google services and Facebook combined make up more than one out of every three minutes spent on mobile apps.

The comScore Mobile Metrix found that four of every five minutes on smartphones is now spent using an app.