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Operators and Handset Makers Vulnerable to Churn

Kirsty Styles

22 per cent of people do not know what their next mobile network will be. 45 per cent are unsure which handset they will buy next, according to research from ICM Research.

Tesco Mobile has the most loyal customers, just 6 per cent would leave at the end of their contract, while Orange customers are most likely to churn, with 18 per cent expressing an intention to leave. All the other network operators in the UK are vulnerable to losing market share – except EE, which could increase its share by 2 per cent in the next six to 12 months.

Apple has the most loyal fans of handset manufacturers – all of those questioned said they would be staying with when they upgrade. 11 per cent of those with a Samsung handset said they would change their phone. 32 per of Blackberry users are hoping to change brands.