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OTT, Security and the Cloud: Three Opportunities for Networks

Kirsty Styles

Mobile operators should be looking to integrate more with OTT service providers if they want to remain competitive, according to a trends report released by Tektronix Communications.

As early as 2006, 3 linked up with Skype to make the most of what the service offers to its customers. There will be more JVs and strategic partnerships going forwards, the report said. Meanwhile, security, already a huge concern for consumers, will become a key competitive advantage for operators whose network infrastructure provides a more secure environment than OTT providers.

The larger operators will be see increased competition from smaller networks as they start to be able to offer competitive LTE packages. But they will start to launch cloud services specifically designed for mobile to compete with the likes of Dropbox, offering both consumer and business propositions.

Interoprable IM, chat and text will finally be offered to consumers across any device or network, realising the aims of the GSMA’s Rich Communication Services initiative and giving operators access to hundreds of millions of conversations in real-time.