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Prestigio Launches its First Smartphones in the UK

Alex Spencer

Electronics manufacturer Prestigio has launched its first range of smartphones models in the UK.

The Android-powered MultiPhone handsets, all of which feature dual-SIM compatibility, follow in the footsteps of its MultiPad tablet PC range.

The devices are priced at the lower end of the market, ranging from the 3.5" 2500 DUO, priced at £89.99, running Android 2.3, to the 4.3" 4300 DUO, at £129.99, which runs Android 4.0.

The devices seem to be targeting late adopters, with lower pricepoint and selection of pre-loaded apps, including Skype, Facebook, and YouTube.

"After the success with the Prestigio MultiPads across EMEA, we have received many requests from both resellers and end-users to adopt our product concept to Android Smartphones," said Martin MacNamara, Prestigio UK sales manager. "The MultiPhone Family is the result. Very good price performance ratio, great usability right out of the box, attractive design and very good build quality."