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Samsung Streamlines Smart TV Viewing Experience Through App Update

Tyrone Stewart

Samsung Smart View AppSamsung has updated its smartphone app, while rolling out new Smart TV services for sports, music and video. This year, Samsung will bring its Smart TV users access to Smart Hub features directly through their smartphones.

The Smart View app, compatible with iOS and Android, will now enable users to type in the names of their favourite titles using their smartphone’s keyboard – making ‘accessing such content simple’. This combines the smartphone interface with a virtual remote experience.

Samsung says: “Together with the Smart Remote’s enhanced voice control across more Smart TV features and One Remote support for a greater range of devices, these enhancements ensure that each user’s content is always easily accessible.”

In addition, Smart Hub will now ‘help users discover and enjoy more dynamic content by allowing users to search for and switch between programs from a single streamlined page’. It will also recommend shows based on viewing patterns.

‘Sports’ integrates content regarding users’ favourite teams, including live games, scores and video-on-demand clips, and shows it all in a single navigation page. It also provides alerts on when their teams are playing – also sending notifications to the Smart View app.

The new ‘Music’ feature will work in a similar way to the ‘Sports’ feature. It will help users ‘identify, find and enjoy’ their favourite music – showing suggestions in a single navigation page.