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Shazam Tagging Triples Consumer Engagement with TV Ads

Alex Spencer

68 per cent of people who use Shazam's apps to tag an TV ad then go on to engage with the brand further, including activities such as visiting its site, checking out offers, or searching for a local retailer. That's compared to the 23 per cent for those who don't tag it, according to a recent case study conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates, on behalf of Shazam.

The study compared over 400 participants who tagged a TV ad using Shazam with a control group of the same size – and all the results suggest that Shazam increases consumers' engagement with the ad. Those who tagged the brand were more than twice as likely to talk about the brand or ad than those didn't (55 per cent, versus 25 per cent), whether in person, on the phone, or via social media.

100 per cent of those who tagged the ad recall it afterwards, compared to 65 per cent, and 71 per cent of those who tagged the ad said they liked the brand, compared to 61 per cent. Shazam tagging also lifted future intent to engage with the brand by 60-135 per cent.

Interestingly, 55 per cent of people who tagged the ad did so in order to bookmark it, so they could go back and find information on the advertised product or brand afterwards.

“In every industry vertical, from auto to finance to retail, we have seen mobile engagement using the second screen extend people’s interactions with the brand or product from a 30-second ad to several minutes of engagement,” said Shazam’s EVP Advertising, Evan Krauss. “This new study validates this, adds to our understanding about significant lift in brand and campaign effectiveness, and tells us what we always suspected – that people use Shazam to bookmark the information so they can also go back and continue to engage with the information at a later time.”