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SMS is Indispensable for Recruiters

Kirsty Styles

87 per cent of recruiters believe that SMS has improved the speed of their business communication, according to a survey by messaging firm Dialogue Communications.

Based on responses from users of its integrated messaging system, 80 per cent said text messaging was useful for following up with candidates after an interview, 78 per cent use it for scheduling interviews and 76 per cent said they found it important for confirming appointment details.

“The results show that SMS remains a key tool for recruiters to maintain instant communication with candidates. 90 per cent of all text messages are read within three minutes and the fact that 98 per cent of messages that are received are opened, show text messaging is an incredibly reliable and powerful communications tool," said Hugh Spear, CEO.

Dialogue offers a range lof SMS APIs for developers as well as integrating its own tech into office recruitment software.