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SoundHound Adds Maps to Social Mobile Music Discovery

Kirsty Styles

SoundHound, the sound search company, has launched a mapping feature in its free, ad-supported Android and iOS apps that enables users to see in real-time what songs are being discovered anywhere in the world.

SoundHound has more than 100m users worldwide and those in the US can now use the map to learn more about songs and artists being listened to, share with friends, buy songs or view videos.

Users pinch the screen to get hyper-local detail or extend it to see what is being discovered further afield. Tapping the discovery icons reveals a SoundHound results page containing more detail about the music.

It is integrated with Rdio, another entertainment discovery service, and users are sent to the Rdio app if they want listen to the full track after spotting it on the map. If they are new to it, they will be prompted install the app before the song can be played.

“The SoundHound music mapping feature offers users the unique opportunity to explore what songs are trending near them or around the world and encourages users to want to explore and spend more time within the app,” said Cheryl Lucanegro, Vice President of Advertising Strategy and Sales for SoundHound. “It also offers Rdio high profile access to millions of active, social mobile users.”

The feature will be rolled out to other users in 2013.