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Study Highlights US mCommerce Trends

David Murphy

103m Americans (41 per cent of the population) won't use their smartphones or tablets to buy products and services online, according to new research published by digital marketing firm, The BIO Agency.

According to the company, 142m people in the US spend money through mobile every month with the average consumer likely to spend between $20 and $50.

The research found that the most common mCommerce purchases in the US are entertainment products such as apps, games, eBooks and music, whilst jewellery, gadgets, fashion, food and travel were found to be the least purchased items. 18-24 year olds are the most likely age group to use their devices as a shopping channel, while the over 55s are the least likely.

Other findings:

  • Over a quarter of 18-24s have purchased an app through their phone or tablet.
  • 18-24s were also the highest purchasers of entertainment products such as baseball tickets, and were the only group found to buy jewellery through their handheld devices.
  • 45-54 year olds were found to be the best market for book retailers through mCommerce.
  • 24-34 year olds are the significantly more likely to purchase food on the go than any other age group, suggesting a trend for young moms and dads, saving time by doing their weekly  grocery shop whilst on the move. This group were also more likely to buy travel products through M-commerce, again suggesting that the channel is used as a time-saving device.

“Research shows that mCommerce does not cannibalise traditional or online shopping, it increases overall spend,” said The BIO Agency managing director, Peter Veash. “Those brands that continue to build trust-based, long-lasting relationships with their customers will, as an inevitable consequence, see sales through tablets and mobile increase. Any growth through mCommerce aligned with a good marketing strategy will significantly increase the brand’s market share.”