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Visualead Rolls Out Invisible QR Codes

David Murphy

Visualead, which specializes in "embedded computer vision technology" has launched its ‘Visual’ QR code. The technology applies a 70 per cent fade to a standard QR code, so that the code effectively vanishes behind any image, to avoid interfering with creative elements. Visualead recently raised $750,000 from Kaedan Capital Investment Group and private angels to launch the technology.

“Our new generation of Visual QR Codes makes QR codes much more visually engaging, interesting and effective by making them completely unobtrusive and less disruptive to the design, to the point that they disappear behind images,” said Visualead CEO and co-founder, Nevo Alva. “We think of our product as the ultimate marriage of QR code and image recognition technologies; essentially, an invisible QR code.”

The technology behind Visual QR Codes is a proprietary image processing tool developed by Visualead's imaging and algorithm team. The platform enables marketers and designers to merge a QR Code onto an image while maintaining a fully operational QR Code. Visualead technology doesn’t abuse any of the error correction cells in order to improve the aesthetics of the QR Code.

Generations one and two of the Visual QR Code are available now via the Visualead website, with the third generation due soon.