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Research from Nielsen shows that consumers spend an average of 30 hours per month using apps in those ‘I-want-to-know/go/do/buy’ moments, confirming that apps play an integral role in our daily micro-moments.

Designed and executed correctly, there’s no question that apps represent a key channel for brands to drive customer lifetime value (CLV), both offline and online. By addressing customer needs with real-time, relevant information, brands can leverage apps to harness and sustain CLV and secure a true competitive advantage.

Read Mobify‘s Leveraging Apps to Increase Customer Lifetime Value to:

  • The new metric of retail success: Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • How apps act as a key driver of CLV and mobile commerce
    at large
  • What infrastructure is required to successfully launch your app
  • How to build apps that are easy to use, valuable to engage with and worth returning to again and again

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