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YuMe Celebrates EU Mobile Video Success with New French Office

Kirsty Styles

YuMe, a digital brand advertising company, has seen its mobile video ad revenue grow by 580 per cent in the UK over the last year.

In France, it has increased 450 per cent in just six months. 1.2bn mobile impressions were delivered in the UK between March and September 2012, the company also revealed.

This significant growth in demand in Europe since it opened its London office last year has seen the company open another in Paris. YuMe has now completed mobile campaigns with more than 80 leading brands, including Audi, McDonalds, Ebay and Universal.

YuMe, which creates smartphone and tablet ads in-app and for the mobile web in Europe, says that by both volume and revenue, it is the market leader for mobile video in the both countries.

The company raised $12m in funding last year, led by Samsung Ventures and Translink Capital, to extend its service, founded in California, from online video to other platforms.

“With the strong growth in mobile video advertising, it is extremely important for YuMe to be present in both the UK and now France and beyond to engage with and sign new regional publishers and advertisers to help them monetise their inventory,” said Owen Hanks, GM Europe at YuMe.

“We also offer an advantage to US. publishers and advertisers wanting to extend their global presence, while working with a single partner.”