0870 App Saves 250k in Two Weeks, says Developer

Application developer Simon Maddox is claiming to have saved consumers more than a quarter of a million pounds in the two weeks since his 0870 app for the iPhone launched on the Apple App Store.
The app suggests lower-cost standard landline alternatives to 087- and 084-prefixed numbers. In the two weeks after its launch on the iPhone (25 September), the app was downloaded 91,722 times, which Maddox claims equates to a collective saving of £267,987.54. He explains how he has arrived at this figure on his blog.
For the mathematically inclined, its a case of multiplying the number of successful conversions (from an 087/084 number to a standard landline number) by the average saving per minute (which Maddox says is 35p) by the average call length, which, for the sake of this calculation, he has assumed is five minutes. Although he does not give a figure for the number of successful conversions not all 087/084 numbers have a standard landline alternative, or if they do, the app does not always retrieve it working backwards from that figure of £267,987.54, we have calculated that it is £153,136, give or take a conversion or two.
Giving the savings on offer, its not hard to see why the app, which is free, is proving so popular.