1.7m Apple Watch Orders in US – But Only One in Five Have Shipped

Alex Spencer

Apple WatchThe Apple Watch has received 1.7m orders in the US, according to Slice Intelligence, but only 376,000 – just over a fifth – were actually delivered to customers this weekend.

The next wave of devices is expected to start shipping on 27 April, with 547,000 units reaching customers by June 11 – leaving the remaining 647,000 without any estimated delivery date at all.

These figures are based on receipts and shipping notifications sent to a panel of 2m online consumers. On the Watch's initial pre-order date, Friday 10 April, Slice found from this same data that 957,000 had been put in on the first day, 62 per cent of them between midnight and 1am.

During this period, Slice claims that each buyer ordered an average 1.3 watches – presumably suggesting that many of the purchasers are businesses – and spent an average of $503.83 per watch, roughly halfway between the prices of the standard and Sport models.