1 Million per Day for Valista

Valista, which provides merchandising, payments and settlement solutions, has revealed that more than one million transactions per day are being processed through its Valista Plus solutions suite. The figure represents a 25% increase on last year.
The Valista Plus suite of solutions and services supports the end-to-end business processes in the digital commerce value chain. These include multichannel ordering, merchandising, authentication, payments, settlement, delivery, and post-purchase care. All Valistas solutions support multiple access channels and payment models, including integration with billing and prepay systems, credit card and banking networks, stored value, person-to-person (P2P), proximity payments and loyalty schemes. Valista solutions are available as licensed software or as a managed service.
One of Valistas customers is w-HA, a subsidiary of France Telecom. Using Valistas PaymentsPlus payment infrastructure, w-HA records an average of 450,000 transactions per day. In partnership with Valista, w-HA operates the first interoperable, multi-carrier, multichannel and multi-currency Internet and mobile payments community. w-HA hopes to commercialise its payments service globally to Internet and mobile operators, merchants and retailers, using Valistas technology. w-HAs international payments network is experiencing significant growth, with over 1,500 participating digital and real goods merchants, mobile operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The number of active users purchasing digital goods and services on w-HAs network has increased to more than 13.5 million.
The fact that our customers collectively achieved record transaction volumes in 2006 is leading companies to us to learn how they can replicate this success says Valista CEO, Raomal Perera. We are seeing increasing demand for intelligence in this niche area, which is not currently addressed by other companies in our field.