10 minutes with Adobe Ad Clouds Phil Duffield

Last week, Adobe revealed that it had partnered with a number of supply side ad tech firms – Google AdEx, Index Exchange, MoPub, OATH, OpenX, Pubmatic, Sharethrough, SpotXchange, StickyAds, The Rubicon Project and Telaria – to make its fees more transparent.

David Murphy caught up with Phil Duffield, managing director, Ad Cloud EMEA at Adobe, to find out what was behind the move…

MM: So Phil, tell us why you did this please.

PD: Adobe Advertising Cloud made this move in order to enable advertising buyers to understand the fees that they’ve been charged on the supply side. Historically SSPs (Supply Side Platforms) had fees that buyers didn’t know existed. This decision was made to enable one step forward towards the goal of full, informed transparency.

MM: What do you think it will achieve?

PD: Hopefully, this move will achieve greater transparency. Transparency has always been a massive problem in our industry. Adobe Advertising Cloud is leading the way in trying to fix this issue across the board.

MM: How will it benefit Adobes clients?

PD: By giving advertisers full supply side transparency. Adobe are creating the ability for our clients to see these fees in real time and make decisions on that inventory.

MM: This relates to suppliers of inventory. Do you have anything similar lined up for other parts of the ad tech lumascape?

PD: While we can’t reveal or discuss our product roadmap, Adobe can proudly say that we are always looking to make ad tech transparent, accountable, efficient and effective. To achieve this requires constant innovation – something Adobe has a long track record in investing since our earliest days.

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