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10 text messaging marketing strategies to be thankful for this holiday season

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The mGage team offers advice on using SMS effectively this holiday season.

The holidays will certainly be different this year, and it may be a good time to try new strategies to engage your customers and prospects. What better way to stay at the forefront of consumer minds than by texting them? Data from the CTIA shows that 97 per cent of Americans text at least once per day, so texting is the perfect way to keep a close relationship, even from a distance. Read on for 10 text messaging marketing strategies top brands are taking advantage of this holiday season.

1. Spread Cheer with Digital Gift Cards
Many consumers will be staying safe at home this holiday season, but you can still help them spread holiday cheer far and wide with digital holiday gift cards. Enabling customers to send gift cards via text ensures they get to the correct recipient quickly.

2. Lower Cart Abandonment
Remind customers to complete their checkout to boost your cart recovery rate. Considering only 21 per cent of cart abandonment recovery emails are clicked, according to Active Campaign, text messaging may be a smarter way to re-engage customers. Try pairing the text with a special offer for even higher conversions.

3. Create a Sense of Urgency Around Sales
One of the best ways to add value to your text messages is by sending sale alerts. In a  Salesforce study, 77 per cent of consumers said they opted into a brand’s text messages to receive coupons or deals. The immediacy of texting makes it a great strategy for creating a sense of urgency around holiday sales.

4. Integrate Traditional Marketing and Track your ROI
One of the biggest reasons traditional marketing tactics, such as signage and postcards, have decreased in popularity is because it’s difficult to track ROI. Integrate SMS by including a CTA, such as “Text ‘HOLIDAYS’ to 55-555 for 10 per cent off.” This way, you’ll know how many people took action based on your efforts.

5. Personalize Texts
Whether simply adding a first name to your messages or sending highly targeted content, personalizing your outreach makes the recipient feel more connected to your brand.

6. Use Emojis and GIFs
The holidays are the perfect time to try using fun emojis and GIFs. Try creating holiday-themed GIFs that customers can share with their loved ones!

7. Send Virtual Greeting Cards
Many brands are taking a step back from traditional holiday sales tactics in light of the events of this year. Using MMS to send holiday greeting cards and let customers know you are thinking of them without pushing any products can help maintain the relationship without selling anything.

8. Integrate Your Campaign Across Channels
According to the Harvard Business Review, customers on the receiving end of omnichannel marketing campaigns spend 10 per cent more than single-channel customers. Aligning campaigns across multiple channels, such as text, email, and social, increases exposure and keeps your marketing message at the forefront of consumer minds.

9. Sweepstakes and Giveaways
Running sweepstakes or giveaways via text messaging is a great way to build your mobile subscriber list and create buzz around your brand. This strategy is especially popular over the holidays!

10. Build a Loyalty List
20 per cent of customers drive 80 per cent of sales, and that 20 per cent will likely opt in to receive mobile offers, according to FunMobility. Many brands us text messaging to send their loyalty club members exclusive offers. Offer your loyal fans a special discount or gift with purchase for the holidays to reward them and encourage new sign-ups!

Whether your brand is completely new texting or has executed hundreds of messaging campaigns, these strategies are sure to drive results. If you’re interested in learning more about how top brands are leveraging text messaging this holiday season, be sure to get your copy of our 2020 Holiday Mobile Marketing Guide

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