110m Wireless Healthcare and Fitness Accessories Sold in 2017

Healthcare and fitness accessories for smartphones and tablets will make up half of all wireless technology sales in five years time, according to Juniper Research.

The Smart Wireless Accessories report forecasts that the market will reach 110m units in 2017, up from 10m this year.

Increasingly intelligent devices for sports training, weight management and monitoring of chronic disease like diabetes will dominate, with 54m unit sales expected worldwide. Video eyewear and payment processing represent two further growth areas, according to Juniper.

The report also suggests that freemium and SaaS (Software as a Service) business models will emerge to help companies monetise the maturing market. Juniper says that major retailers, particularly in the US, are already allocating shelf-space to smart wireless accessories.

“Smart wireless accessories will become an important tool for the self-management of chronic disease, although more complex mHealth ecosystems will require bespoke devices, partly because the smartphone is not yet seen as a medical tool,” said Juniper Research associate analyst Anthony Cox.


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