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130m Mobile Internet Users in India by 2014

Kirsty Styles

India will have 130.6m mobile internet users by March 2014 according to a report from the Internet and Mobile Association of India and the IMRB ad agency. The Mobile Internet Report found that there were 87.1m mobile internet users in the country in December 2012, 68m who have full internet access, 16m who only access those sites specified by their operator and 2.8m dongle users.

The average monthly bill of a mobile internet user is 460 Rupees (£5.20) and 43 per cent of this, 198 Rupees, is paid towards internet expenses. The rest is spent on voice services. Email is accessed by 83 per cent of the mobile internet users identified in the report, 77 per cent use social networking services and 65 per cent use instant messaging services between two and six times per week.

47 per cent play online games this frequently, while only 28 per cent access news and just 25 per cent use apps. 17 per cent of India’s mobile internet users do online banking on their handsets, while 17 per cent make use of mobile ticketing services.

The Internet and Mobile Association of India is a trade body representing the digital industry.