14 Per Cent of Outdoor Ad Encounters Lead to a Mobile Search

14 per cent of outdoor ad encounters lead to a mobile search, according to research carried out by On Device Research on behalf of the Outdoor Media Centre. Thats a percentage point higher than those who searched on their computer as a result.

The research also found that 74 per cent of those surveyed had seen an out of home ad in the last month, ranking second behind TV ads, at 87 per cent – and only 16 per cent recalled seeing an ad on their mobile phone.

According to On Device Research, there are four stages to the customer purchase journey, which it terms Absorbing, Planning, Obtaining, and Sharing. The research suggests that, although other media channels play an important role at individual stages, outdoor media is a powerful driver of behaviour at every stage of the customer journey – especially in the all-important buying phase.

You can see the full results, in presentation form, here.