150 Per Cent Increase in Smartphones Pushes eCommerce to Record Growth

The online retail market was up by 20 per cent year-on-year in September, according to the IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index, and up 13 per cent on the previous month – the highest growth seen between August and September in the Indexs 13 year history.

This was driven by the increasing use of mobile devices. Smartphone sales were up 150 per cent year-on-year, and made up 23 per cent of all mobile sales during September – compared to 15 per cent last month, the first time IMRG and Capgemini broke out tablet and smartphone sales. 

The record growth is particularly encouraging given that, just two months earlier, the Index was breaking records with its first-ever negative growth, between June and July. 

“This month’s Index is a good indicator that we are headed towards economic recovery, and a great sign for a strong Christmas,” said Chris Webster, VP, head of retail consulting and technology at Capgemini. “In addition, September’s three year high in the average clothing basket value is a clear sign that retailers are selling through at full price, giving even more confidence to the economic recovery.”