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1HOP Introduces Intelligent Deep-linking Solution

Tim Maytom

1HOP SchematicCRM platform CommandIQ has revealed 1HOP, a deeplink generator for mobile apps that provides one link for all different types of mobile devices and app stores.

The generator, which is being release for free, uses intelligent logic to steer users based on their individual requirements, using the same link to send users without an app to the correct App Store while send those who already have the app to a specific page within it.

Deeplinking is becoming more prevalent as brands become more secure in app adoption rates, and improving user experiences with a more seamless transition from mobile web to app. Marketers and product managers can use deeplinks to drive mobile engagement, sending users directly to content within apps, rather than just home screens or mobile websites.

The 1HOP solution requires no coding or integration, even over different app releases, simply requiring users to enter destination paths or links for each scenario, which can be updated at any time without changing the link.

"We've seen again and again what an administrative mess it is trying to manage separate links for every platform to tailor the experience based on device and app installation," wrote the CommandIQ team in a blog post about the launch. "It's a pain to constantly have to update the links in your marketing copy with every minor product release. Not to mention that it's only getting more complicated with more deeplinks to manage."