20:20 Mobile Signals an End to Naked Bluetooth

20:20 Mobile has announced the launch of a range of Smart Bluetooth broadcasting solutions. The solutions enable direct communications to mobile phone users who have opted in to receive Bluetooth messages.
Traditional Bluetooth messaging systems, described by 20:20 Mobile as Naked Bluetooth, work by detecting when Bluetooth is enabled and broadcasting the same message to everyone. The 20:20 solutions allow businesses to cross reference against off-site user databases, such as loyalty schemes, and then broadcast a tailored message to the mobile user while they are within range.
Bluetooth broadcasting has moved a long way from the early systems where anyone that had Bluetooth enabled received the same message, says 20:20 Mobile UK Managing Director, James Browning. With the ability to send tailored messages instantly consumers, can now receive offers and promotions that they will want and are based on their own habits. Imagine walking into your supermarket and receiving a discount based on the products that you buy.
As part of the Bluetooth development programme, 20:20 Mobile says it has worked with a number of mobile manufacturers and Bluetooth device providers to ensure seamless integration and compatibility of the system.
One of the biggest challenges with Bluetooth broadcasting has been that the systems have a very limited range. The systems that we have developed can now quickly talk to a remote database and decide what message to broadcast to the mobile user, says Browning.