2006: The year of the Mobizine

Refresh Mobile, the company behind Mobizines, is claiming 2006 as the year of the Mobizine, after passing two major milestones. The Mobizines service has reached 200,000 downloads in less than a year since its launch in February 2006. The service has also received over 1 million  page impressions in the last month.
Mobizines gives mobile phone users access to snack-sized versions of popular brands and publishers such as the BBC, TimeOut and Maxim, in an easy-to-download format that stays on their phone – even when they are offline. Mobizines run on Symbian (using Macromedia Flash Lite technology) and Java-based mobile handsets. Each handset can store multiple Mobizines.
During 2006, Refresh Mobile has signed up 75 leading brands, including those from the BBC, Conde Nast, Dennis, Time Out, Northern and Shell, Reuters, Future, CNet and Popworld.In addition to the established brands, the Mobizines service has recently launched an RSS reader, which allows users to access information from anywhere on the Internet, feeding into the growing trend for personalised content. Refresh Mobile has also won Nokias  Global Developer of the Year Award for Mobizines.
Refresh Mobile says that the Mobizines concept has also been well-received by advertisers, who have embraced the service as a way to extend their brand and cross-promote additional services. Advertisers such as Sony Ericsson and Volvo have already run campaigns. The company reports a clickthrough rate for Mobizines ads of 4-8% which itascribes to the highly-contextual nature of the advertising.
2006 has been an excellent year for Refresh Mobile, and the Mobizines service in particular says CEO Scott Beaumont. This year, we have achieved our two main objectives of  introducing a compelling and user-friendly mobile content service to the consumer market, as well as developing a service that our partners recognise as making a difference to their business bottom line.”
Refresh Mobile is soon to launch Mobizines in the US, where launch titles include Forbes and Reuters, and is already operational in Germany and South Africa. The company has also announced a partnership with mobile network operator 3, which gives customers on the network unlimited access to Mobizine titles for a fixed monthly fee. The deal is part of 3s strategy of providing access to data services at a reasonable price.

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