2017 Award Winners: Loyalty, AR, Cross-screen and Messaging Campaigns

Every day for the next two weeks we’re showcasing the winners of this year’s Effective Mobile Marketing Awards. Today, weve got four campaign categories, covering a wide variety of mobile channels.

Most Effective Loyalty and Rewards Campaign

This award went to Caffè Nero and Yoyo Wallet for the Caffè Nero Mobile Payment and Loyalty Platform.

The coffee chain launched an app combining fast mobile payment and automated loyalty rewards.

The platform also leveraged customer preference and behaviour insight behind the scenes, understanding what customers buy and when, to maximise customer retention and value. It can run targeted loyalty campaigns, rewarding shoppers with double stamps for buying specific products or at particular times. A summer campaign to promote its iced drinks range ran through the app led to a 215 per cent rise in purchases within one week.

On launch day, the app topped its category in the App Store, and has been downloaded 300,000 times since.

The judges said: “A very thorough offering that improves hugely on the traditional paper card system, for customers, staff and the business alike.”

Most Effective Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality Campaign
The winner in this category was Heathrow Airport, for its Around the World With Mr Adventure app.

To promote its status as a family-friendly airport during the school summer holidays, Heathrow brought its ‘family ambassador’ – the Mr Men character Mr Adventure – to life through AR technology. The free app sent visitors to the airport on a hunt for five badges, each representing a different destination, to trigger a variety of AR experiences featuring the character.

Users would see a 10-second animation of Mr Adventure, or his counterpart Little Miss Explorer, holding up the corresponding badge, overlaid onto their camera feed, and hear a clip of accompanying narration. They can then take a photo or video of themselves with the Mr Men and share it on Facebook.

Anyone who collected all five was then direct to an information desk, where they would be rewarded with a physical badge.

Just over a month into its three-month trial, the app had been downloaded 3,000 times, resulting in 18,000 interactions, and has reached as many as 36.4m through the associated PR push.

The judges said: “A great experience for kids and parents at Heathrow, with social used to increase the reach to anyone who didn’t happen to be passing through the airport.”

Most Effective Cross-screen Campaign

Taking home this award was Specsavers, and its agency Manning Gottlieb OMD, for the Cross-screen Attribution Project.

Specsavers had a familiar problem: customers often research on desktop and mobile but tend to book appointments by calling or visiting a store, meaning that digital channels do not receive a fair attribution of results.

With Manning Gottlieb, the brand ran a three-stage test campaign across nine months to test the real impact of Specsavers’ mobile activity. First, the pair worked with Drawbridge to identify whether consumers convert direct, or on a tablet or desktop as a result of exposure to mobile media. Then, the learnings from this first stage were applied to a second group in order to gain a better understanding of the consumer journey for booking an appointment. Finally, smartphone GPS location was mapped to track the impact of a mobile ad on footfall in stores.

The results of the study are confidential, but certainly backed up mobile’s vital role in Specsavers’ media strategy.

The judges said: “It’s great to see a project tackling the issue of cross-screen attribution head on, to prove how important mobile is for brands with physical locations – even if it isn’t the last click.”

Meanwhile, Deezer Suzuki and Viant were awarded a Highly Commended in this category for the S-Cross Campaign. Viant leveraged its people-based marketing capabilities to help Suzuki extend the cross-device reach of its video and display campaign to target the most relevant audience possible.

Most Effective Messaging Campaign
Sony Music Latin was awarded in this category, for its Carlos Vives Call Me Campaign.

To promote his single “Robarte Un Beso”, Colombian star Carlos Vives used mobile to reach out personally to fans, through a customised phone message that incorporated the recipient’s name, recorded by Vives himself.

Using a variety of social media channels and direct-to-fan messaging, people were prompted to visit a webpage to sign up with their mobile phone number and name in order to receive a call. Vives had recorded over 700 of the most popular names, given the resulting message a personal touch, and it was followed up with a text message featuring a ‘signed photo’ from the star.

Within just 12 hours, over 200,000 fans had signed up to get their message from Vives, with an average view time of 4 minutes 40 seconds. In its first four weeks, the “Robarte Un Beso” music video accrued over 68m views on YouTube.

The judges said: “A very personal way of reaching fans, combining old and new platforms to connect artist and fan. And of course, credit to Carlos for recording those 700 names!”