2018 Award Winners: App Install, Launch and Anti-fraud Solution campaigns

David Murphy

Following last week’s Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony, we continue our round-up of the winning campaign in each category with a look at the winners in the Most Effective App Install Campaign, Most Effective Launch Campaign and Most Effective Anti-fraud Solution categories.

Most Effective App Install Campaign: NBC Universal (hayu) and Yodel Mobile – App Store Optimisation and Discoverability Campaign
NBCUniversal turned to Yodel for an organic app install campaign for its on-demand TV app, hayu. Yodel began by implementing its OS-specific App Store Optimisation programme. Using Yodel’s keyword optimisation loop, the company established a bank of optimised keywords for both the app stores, then tracked app and keyword rankings on a continuous basis and updated and optimised their app store descriptions. Alongside this, it implemented optimised screenshots and a video to act as a shopping window for users who visited the app store page, offering a closer look at the app to increase conversion rates.

To increase the organic discoverability of the app and hayu’s brand visibility, Yodel implemented a new web mark-up that would surface rich autosuggestions through Apple Search results in the Safari app. It analysed their top destinations in-app to determine prioritised mark-up areas, picked 10 key pages to be marked up and then measured the uplift in traffic. Having witnessed great results, we planned for the implementation of mark-up on all pages, including supporting the web developers with the implementation.

Yodel also optimised for key phrases for App Packs, which resulted in hayu ranking number 1 for ‘Reality TV app’, ‘On demand TV app’ and ‘Reality TV shows app’, which significantly increased installs and brand visibility.

The results of the campaign were shared with the judges in confidence, and demonstrated that Yodel’s App Store Optimisation and discoverability strategies were key in driving organic acquisition for the app. A worthy winner.

Judges’ View: “A solid campaign that employed App Store Optimisation and continuous conversion optimisation to great effect, delivering tremendous results, including a high percentage of organic installs.”

Most Effective Launch Campaign: Kwiff and Total Media – It's Perfectly Normal. Until it's Kwiffed
Having immersed themselves in sports and betting culture, as well as analysed conversations on social media and other data, the team at Kwiff and Total Media realised that, alongside the television, mobile was the dominant sports and entertainment device for its core audience of 18 - 34 year old men. Mobile say at the heart of their social interactions, especially during the lead into games, when bets were discussed.

As a result of their research, the team decided to focus all of its non-TV ad activity exclusively on mobile, and focus on the lead into the game, rather than the game itself. In the hours before matches kicked off, the team dramatically stepped up the brand’s social activity, running dynamic display creative and working with influencers to promote its betting offers.

While the results for the campaign were shared with the judges confidentially, they demonstrated a significant result for Kwiff, driving awareness and new sign-ups while also dramatically increasing the efficiency of its marketing spend and deservedly taking the award in this category.

Judges’ View: “Well thought-out strategy to compete with the big boys and good creative that gets funnier as it progresses. Great results too.”

Most Effective Anti-fraud solution: Machine Advertising – Stop Fraudulent App Installs
Machine aims to stop fraudulent app installs, a frequently underestimated problem that can account for over 50 per cent of app installs across the industry. By enabling clients to avoid these fraudulent installs, Machine helps them save their app marketing budgets from being spent on worthless installs, and can automatically prevent fraudulent installs as well as detecting them, making for an efficient process that also saves time for customers.

The company’s Helix self-serve platform continuously monitors clients’ app installs looking for fraudulent activity, and upon detecting fraudulent signals pre-install, it stops app fraud with unrivalled accuracy. The Helix platform is supported by the DNA service, a dedicated team that forensically analyses app install data to understand new tactics used by fraudsters.

Between January and May 2018, Machine detected and blocked over 12m fraudulent installs for its clients, including 4m from install hijacking and 2.4m from hacked SDK fraud. This is estimated to have saved clients $27m (£20.5m) in wasted marketing budgets, with a further $17m saved through the detection of 580m fraudulent clicks.

Fraud is a bigger problem than most people in the industry realise. Machine deserves this award for its attempts to do something about it.

Judges’ View: “Impressive, detailed results, showing how Machine is preventing app install fraud. A complex subject, very well explained.”

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