2018 Awards Preview - Most Effective Anti-fraud Solution

Tim Maytom

Ahead of our 2018 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, we'll be previewing the nominees in each category, giving you a glimpse at the high quality of entries we've seen this year. In this preview, we're looking at the companies and solutions tackling one of digital marketing's most endemic problems - ad fraud.

Forensiq – Mobile and In-app Fraud Prevention Tool
Forensiq is an advanced mobile fraud detection solution, with an algorithm that is constantly retrained to protect from mobile invalid traffic, device hijacking, and app, device and browser spoofing. It is one of few fraud detection and verification solutions sophisticated enough to detect the latest mobile app fraud schemes, report true human viewability and provide transparent reason codes for every impression and click that it flags.
Created by a team of data scientists and ethical hackers, it employs both client-side detection and server-side machine learning to identify every method of perpetrating online ad fraud, including automated bot traffic, mobile device hijacking and more. For advertisers, Forensiq offers full-funnel, fraud-first verification with browser-side detection and server-side machine learning, and for sell-side platforms, it has cross-channel solutions that range from in-app to web to OTT.
Forensiq has received widespread praise from clients across the industry, who credit it with improving partner trust, eliminating wasted spending, validating existing detection processes and helping to create a healthier mobile marketing environment.

Machine Advertising – Stop Fraudulent App Installs
Machine aims to stop fraudulent app installs, a frequently underestimated problem that can account for over 50 per cent of app installs across the industry. By enabling clients to avoid these fraudulent installs, Machine helps them save their app marketing budgets from being spent on worthless installs, and can automatically prevent fraudulent installs as well as detecting them, making for an efficient process that also saves time for customers.
The company’s Helix self-serve platform continuously monitors clients’ app installs looking for fraudulent activity, and upon detecting fraudulent signals pre-install, it stops app fraud with unrivalled accuracy. The Helix platform is supported by the DNA service, a dedicated team that forensically analyses app install data to understand new tactics used by fraudsters.
Between January and May 2018, Machine detected and blocked over 12m fraudulent installs for its clients, including 4m from install hijacking and 2.4m from hacked SDK fraud. This is estimated to have saved clients $27m (£20.5m) in wasted marketing budgets, with a further $17m saved through the detection of 580m fraudulent clicks.

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