2018 Awards Preview – Most Effective Email Campaign

David Murphy

Ahead of our 2018 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, we'll be previewing the nominees in each category, giving you a glimpse at the high quality of entries we've seen this year. Social media gives brands and consumers alike a unique way to connect. These entries all made the most of this powerful channel to reach and engage their audiences.

Mercedes–Benz Brampton and DigDev Direct – Match Your Down Payment Event
Mercedes-Benz Brampton was seeking a cost-effective way to reach its audience. TV, radio, and print advertising had become very expensive with little targeting and tracking available, so it turmed to permission-based email marketing.

Utilizing DigDev Direct’s permission-based consumer email database of over 280m consumers, the campaign targeted men and women above the age of 40 with an income of over $100,000, who live within 50 miles of the dealership and who have shown interest in buying or leasing a car.

The campaign ran for three weeks, with the email sent more than 50,000 people each week. The campaigns averaged an open rate of over 13 per cent and a clickthrough rate of over 1.25 per cent per email. Mercedes-Benz calculated that the campaign generated between 11 and 20 sales that month, not including recipients who visited the dealership at the time or bought a vehicle in the following months.

Odeon and Adeptiv – Odeon Blockbuster Movie Strategy
Email is an important tool for cinema operators in the run up to the release of a big movie. Most blockbuster releases being are by a film-specific email to their relevant marketable base shortly before the film's theatrical release date. The goal of these campaigns is to directly drive revenue via clickthroughs from the email to the booking page of their website.

The challenge is to make these emails stand out, as the core product (the movie) is identical, and cinemas are typically restricted to using the film assets provided by the film distributor. For this campaign Odeon worked with Adeptve to convince customers that Odeon is the best place to experience the blockbuster.

The companies created a series of mobile-responsive, highly-visual, kinetic and interactive email campaigns. Between January 2017 and July 2018, approximately 20 different film campaigns were launched to promote movies including Star Wars: The Last Jedi; Avengers: Infinity War; and Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge. It was crucial that the mails inspired the excitement that cinema-goers should feel in the run up to a new release not just for the film itself but the complete Odeon experience. Data inputs such as favoured film genre; previous films watched; and most frequented location were used to segment and tailor the communications.

Mobile users, and in particular iPhone and iPad owners, were consistently seen to be the most significant audience. So to increase the effectiveness of the campaigns, they were optimised to use the advanced features available on these devices (with fallback capabilities for devices that didn’t have full support).

The results of the campaign are confidential, but were supplied to the judges and showed exceptional open and clickthrough rates, as well as revenue and market share increases. Truly, a blockbuster campaign!

Join us to find out the winners of our 2018 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards at our prestigious Awards Ceremony on 15 November. Tickets are available now, so book your place and celebrate the industry's best and brightest with us.